Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Jet Foot Issues

Boy oh boy. Jet and her feet. A few months back, Jet freaked everyone out when she came up lame on her left front foot. Turned out to be just a sprain, but now it has happened again, but this time on her right front foot. She's been limping and her right front foot is swollen.
So, Jenn took Jet to see Dr. Brady at Mebane Vet to get it checked out. Jet had no problem with her foot being manipulated and she was very cooperative and quite happy to have an xray done. The xray showed a very tiny fracture on the outside toe of her right foot. We thought it might require surgery to fix, but it turns out that this injury happened weeks ago, and Jet didn't give any indication. She's been running around on a fractured foot for weeks! That's one crazy pup. So, the best way to help the fracture is to provide supportive care to Jet's foot when she runs. Dr. Brady showed Jenn how to use non-sticky medical tape to make a little foot wrap for Jet.
We tested out the new wrap at the park with sufficient running and romping. Jet is no longer limping and the swelling is reduced, which is great news. She'll have to wear her wrap for several months to ensure that the fracture is supported.
Jenn's also been applying TTouches on Jet's injured foot for just a minute or so each day. She gently supports the foot with one hand, as she does light, circular touches with her fingertips. These touches are called the "Raccoon Touch" and can be useful for increasing circulation and reducing swelling. TTouch is a great complement for helping an animal recover from injuries or surgeries.
Here's an interesting article on Raccoon Touches for reducing swelling.

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