Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mona's Visit

My friend Mona came for an overnight visit. She is a beautiful, 1 year old German Shepherd. Her people Laura and Anthony are going out of town this weekend and Jenn wanted to see if we would all get along so she could stay here with us. We had the best time and we played and played. Jenn took some video and you can see several interesting things. First, Mona and I love playing together. We are both very active puppies with similar play styles. Next, Big Sandy gives Mona "The Face" when she approaches her. "The Face" may look scary, but it's a communication tool used to avoid conflict. Mona respects "The Face" and backs off. Later, Mona tries to get Bernie playing by circling and licking his face. Bernie puts up with it for a bit, but he doesn't use "The Face". He grabs Mona's muzzle and vocalizes to get her to back off and calm down. This is followed by a bit of play with Bernie. My favorite video clip is where I get special laptime with Anthony. I don't remember the last clip 'cause I was passed out. Mona's coming back soon to stay for several days. I can't wait!!

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