Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Day at the Aussie Dog Show

Sunday was my day at the Carolina Australian Shepherd Club Spring Fling. Jenn took me to socialize with lots of people and other dogs and to participate in a conformation show. Not sure what all that was about. I had to stand around waiting, which was BORING. Jenn's sister Kim came with her husband Jim and their kids Caldwell and Kaufman. They even brought their Newfy Holly to cheer me on. We went into a gated ring, trotted around and then I had to be very still and get touched by a judge. I especially liked coming out of the ring and cuddling with Kaufman and Caldwell. They gave me a red ribbon for second place! Jenn told me to be very proud even though I was competing against only one other dog. I did have the biggest entourage and cheering section! Then I got to go outside and watch other dogs compete in agility. Boy, that looks like fun! Jenn said that when I finish my Canine Good Citizen class this summer, we can start with agility. I can't wait! Check out my dog show video and see me strut my stuff!


Niamh said...

Congratulations Royal!! It is nice to win ribbons. But I know what you mean about the standing still part-extremely boring. Glad you had your fans there to cheer you on.

Missed you at Drill Team tonight. We worked on walking backwards and sideways. It is amazing to me how easy it is to get our people to give us treats for doing silly things.

Your friend,

Ayla said...

Hi Royal,
You did a great job! Congratulations! When you stood for the judge you looked just like the Aussies in the dog shows Sandi watches on TV. I don't think I could have stood still like that, especially with all the other dogs around.

Do you get to roll in the mud now?
Your friend,