Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Day of Beauty at Bed and Bone

Oh, admit it-I'm gorgeous! Yesterday, I spent my afternoon at Bed and Bone Boarding Kennel. Jen and Maripi are wonderful and kind people that offer boarding, training and grooming (my Jenn offers training classes there).

Claudette gave me a bath and dried my fur using a giant hair dryer. I didn't think this was very fun, but Jenn was there telling me to relax. She gave Jenn tips on getting dogs squeaky clean.

Maripi brushed me out and trimmed me up. Maripi is also a professional handler and has not only been to Westminster but won Best in Show with a Scottie named Peggy Sue. Maripi and Claudette gave Jenn more tips on handling for a conformation show this weekend. Jenn says it will be just for fun. I'll get a chance to meet lots of people and other dogs

I promptly came home from my beautification and rolled in the dirt out in the yard. That was the most fun!

Thanks to Bed and Bone for my day of beauty! Check out Bed and Bone by clicking here.


Ayla said...

Wow Royal! You sure look good. I've been to Bed and Bone to get my hair done, too. I know what you mean about coming home and rolling in the dirt! Let's meet again soon in the dog park to run. Good luck this weekend at the dog show.
Your friend Ayla

Niamh said...


You look great but I am so sorry that you had to have a bath. It is cruelty to animals.

Your friend,