Monday, April 7, 2008

You mean this isn't my couch too?

Well, you've really caught me this time! This is my new favorite spot on the livingroom couch. I like to quietly sneak onto the couch when Jenn or Eric get distracted. He, he. Each time they catch me, they calmly say the word "Off" as they point to the floor, in no uncertain terms. I get the idea. Jenn says the furniture is for people, not puppies and that's why they have comfy dog beds all over the house. Allowing your puppy onto furniture or on your bed is a personal decision. But many times what it says to the puppy is that he/she is on the same level as the people, big time confusing the leadership roles. At the very least, you can teach your puppy to only come onto furniture when you invite them and get off when you say so. That way, we understand that couch access is a perk controlled by you, the leader of the house. Click here to learn how you can establish leadership in your house without force or confrontation. If I'm a good puppy, maybe I'll get some legal couch time soon.

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