Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Modeling Gig!

Check me out! I got another modeling job. Jenn is writing a series of articles for the APDT journal "Chronicle of the Dog" on the TTouch Method. The first article will be published in March and features body wraps. So, of course I was enlisted to be the perfect model for the wraps. I got to model the full wrap and the half wrap. Body wraps are light fitting lengths of fabric or shirts like the Thundershirt used to give the animal awareness about their body. Kind of like swaddling a baby, wraps can be very helpful with dogs that have anxieties, physical or behavioral issues. Jenn's been using wraps with her clients for many years and she uses them on me when I get nervous during storms. I'll be sure the post Jenn's article as soon as it is published so you can learn more about using body wraps.

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The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

looking forward to this article! Brock could definitely benefit from anxiety wraps..