Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Holiday Travels and a Happy New Year

Wow! What a whirlwind of activity the past few weeks. We were traveling a lot and boy am I glad to be home and back my own house and my own yard. We went to visit Jenn's family in Maryland where it snowed two feet right before we arrived.
I got to romp with Holly the Newf. Playing in the snow was so fun!We had a great time chasing each other and it felt so good the run, run, run.
Big Sandy had a less active time on our holiday. Traveling is more stressful for her now and she has a tough time getting around on the different types of flooring. She didn't venture far from her orthopedic bed most of the time. Jenn started using some absorbent pads to keep her bed nice and clean. She pees sometimes when she is asleep. But she really enjoyed getting attention from everyone and being with the whole family.Jenn's mom made us all holiday Jing-A-Ling dog bandanas. Bernie is modeling his green ruffle. Bernie got to be squirrel patrol looking out the windows of the house. This kept him pretty busy the whole trip.So, I had lots of free time on my holiday to develop some very helpful new skills. I became a dish washing assistant for Jenn's mom. Here I am being very thorough to get every last bit off these plates. Hard work! Next, I found a great new way to give attention to people. I became a lapdog. Jenn's nephew Caldwell was the first person I tried this out on. He was a little surprised.
I figured that I might as well make myself comfortable on the couch as well, pick up a playing card, and participate in a human game called "Last Word". This unfortunately was a short lived venture as Jenn reminded me that furniture is for people (unless you are invited). Bummer.Finally, it was time for a nap. Here's to a healthy and happy New Year and good things to come for us all!!

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