Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stops Pulling Challenge

Jenn says I need some work! And that my leash walking manners have gone down the tubes. Horrors! I guess I have gotten a bit pully now and then.

So Jenn is going to take me through the Stops Pulling Challenge. This is a four week program designed by the folks that make the Halti Headcollar. Now you don't have to be using a Halti to do the challenge. You just need a dog that pulls on leash and the time and energy to help them change their behavior.

Each week, Jenn will videotape our progress so you can see what to do.

Here are some of the general guidelines of the Stops Pulling Challenge which are suggestions to help your dog not practice pulling.
1. You may need to change your normal routine for a while walking in less exciting places or at different times so it is easier for your dog to be calmer.
2. Make sure to play with your dog and exercise them before the walk to burn off energy. If your dog's only outlet for exercise is leash walking, of course they are more likely to pull.
3. The most important rule your dog must learn is that tension on the leash does not equal forward movement. The only thing that makes you move forward is a loose leash. So if your dog pulls, stop. When the leash is slack, move.

Check out the rest of the general guidelines of the Stops Pulling Challenge and download the first week of the challenge.

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