Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have a new sister!

Oh my gosh! I have a new sister. Well, actually she is really my niece not my sister. Her name is Jet and her daddy is my half brother Skittles (also a son of my daddy Shake 'n Jake)...
and her mom is named Dixie. They are quite handsome and Jet is awful cute. Maybe that is because she looks a lot like me. She is red tri-colored and has a full tail like Bernie. Jenn asked that Jet be able to keep her whole tail like I did. Only my tail turned about to be a natural bob anyway.
Jenn told me that she and Eric thought long and hard about adding another dog to our family and they wanted to wait until I was over 2 years old. It will add more work, more time, and more energy to their schedules particularly over the first year. Puppies are a ton of work!

I'm not quite sure how I feel about all this. Having to share the attention, the toys, and the FOOD. But I will have someone else to entertain, someone to teach things to, someone to snuggle with. Well, I guess it won't be all bad.