Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have fleas!

So I've been feeling great this week, back to normal after my neuter surgery. But I started scratching the other day, not thinking much about it other than the itches kept itching. Jenn didn't seem to think much of it either saying maybe my skin might be a little dry. But Big Sandy scratched so much she lost some hair on her back and Jenn found out she has flea allergy dermatitis, a condition that occurs from a flea bite. Some dogs are allergic to the flea's saliva and even one flea can have a dog miserable with scratching in no time flat. The skin becomes very sore and can get crusty and oozy. Yuck!

Jenn got pretty upset at that point, saying that fleas have never been a problem before since she and Eric keep things pretty clean with vacuuming, they wash our beds regularly, and we dogs get dietary supplements like garlic and brewer's yeast that keep fleas away. But sometimes, especially someplace warm and humid like North Carolina, you can get fleas anytime, anywhere. And we've had lots of warm, wet weather, there you go.

So, Jenn decided to refresh her memory on fleas in general, their life cycles, using natural products, cleaning routines, and dietary supplements to make our house a
"no vacancy" zone for fleas. If you want to learn more about controlling fleas in your house naturally, click here.

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