Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First Parade!

Yesterday, I marched with the Drill Team in the Hillsborough Holiday Parade. This was my very first parade experience and it was most exciting. Bernie was in the parade too with Laura and so were my girlfriends Niamh and Ayla. We all got to wear special bandannas that Barbara, our Drill Team captain and Niamh's person, gave us. We waited forever for things to get started and I wanted to earn that chicken in Jenn's treat pouch. There were all sorts of cars, trucks, horses and groups of people all around us.
All the Drill Team got in line and marched down Churton Street and I could not believe all the people and noises. There was a loud red truck just behind with lights and a siren blaring. It was very loud with crackling sounds which scared all the dogs, me included. Jenn kept feeding me chicken and that made everything OK and off we marched.We did all our Drill Team moves as we marched, showing off our skills. I gave Jenn great attention but decided that laying down was just too boring. So, I didn't quite get that part to Jenn's liking. The rest of the Drill Team looked great and no one seemed to mind my silliness.
Jenn said she was so proud of me. Check out the Drill Team parade video and see me strut my stuff!


Ayla said...

Hey Royal,
I've put some photos on my blog, too. AND, I confess, I was a little overwhelmed by all the cheering and the red truck noise. I was so glad I was with my training buddies! Wow, I had no idea being in a parade was such work!

Your friend, Ayla

Niamh said...

Great video Royal. Wow that parade was noisy but I think that we did well for our first time. I didn't want to lie down on the pavement either. I bet you and I will be doing a lot of down practice this week!!

Your friend,