Wednesday, March 31, 2010

22 pounds! How big will our puppy Jet get?

Holy moly! Our puppy Jet is now 22 pounds! That is quite a growth spurt. So how big will Jet get?

The general rule is to take the puppy's weight at 14 weeks and double it. This gives you a general idea of how big your puppy will be as a adult. Not rocket science, but a ballpark figure.

Just to give you some perspective, when I was 14 weeks old, I was around 30 lbs. My adult weight hovers around 57 pounds, give or take.

Here's a good article by Dr. Nicholas Dodman on estimating your puppy's adult size.


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Ah!! I have been speculating how much our little guy will weigh! He is a mini australian shepherd! He won't get bigger than 30 pounds, but still! We love to guess! We still have a while, he is just 11 weeks this wednesday! We are also starting puppy classes soon!! Is jet super smart??? We have Ace doing all sorts of things! At 8 weeks he was sitting, laying down, rolling over and does speak haha I love it!

Anonymous said...
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