Friday, March 26, 2010

Jet meets Mona/Puppy Social Time with Adult Dogs

Jet got to meet my best girlfriend Mona at her house for a playdate. Puppies can learn a lot by playing with well socialized adult dogs. Mona is a great female dog because she is gentle with puppies, but won't take any crap from them. In other words, if Jet gets out of line, Mona will correct her, enough to put puppy in her place, but not scare her. That's what Big Sandy did with me when I was a puppy. Jet was a little scared at first and hid under a chair.Then she decided to come out and just sniff a bit and maybe Mona wouldn't see her.Then Jet decided to hide behind a tree. Mona wasn't fooled and wanted Jet to play with the Kong rope toy. Mona finally coaxed Jet to play.After a couple minutes, Jet decided that Mona might be pretty fun. And they started a nice game of chase...They got along so well, I'm hoping we can all play together this weekend.

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