Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Junior Puppy Training Class

Do tiny puppies need a training class? Oh my gosh YES! The ideal time to start training is very soon after you bring your puppy home. Our puppy Jet started her Junior Puppy class last night. If you start training early, then you can avoid lots of issues later on. It is way easier to train a young puppy to do the behaviors you want to see from the very beginning. It gets harder later on, when the bad behaviors are habits and the puppy becomes a "teenager". Here Jet and her new friend Joey are learning to sit for attention and treats (instead of jumping up.) Good puppies! What is a positive training class? A class that uses rewards, is tons of fun, and incorporates the whole family. None of that nasty stuff or punishment. It's all about rewarding the behaviors you like and using a training method that the whole family can do, even the kids. Positive training is family friendly.
Puppy classes also offer lots of socialization experiences that are so important to build puppy's confidence about the world. They get a little time socializing with each other too. Jet liked to sniff Joey's butt.Jet really wanted to look at Joey. She thought he was very cute. But Jenn was teaching Jet to give attention to her with distractions around. When Jet looked at Jenn she got rewarded. That was really hard! But Jet was getting the hang of it. She's such a good puppy and Jenn is doing everything to encourage good habits in our new puppy. The puppy class is a great venue for practice.So, get your puppy into a positive training and socialization class ASAP.

Here's a super Dog Star Daily article on puppy classes with more info for you.

To find a positive trainer near you, check out the Association of Pet Dog Trainer website.

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