Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planes, Planes and Automobiles

Jet had quite a journey back home having to be on two different airplanes. Southwest Airlines now permits small pets to travel in the cabin. Jet needed her own pet ticket and she also had to squeeze into the same pet travel bag that I had to over two years ago. It's also called a sherpa bag and it fits right under the seats in the airplane so puppies can ride along with their people. But how can you keep a puppy quiet on a plane anyway? Jenn's strategy was to play with Jet all night before the trip. Apparently, that worked very well because Jet slept the whole trip on both airplanes. Jet got to have a potty break in-between flights, but otherwise, she was stuck in that bag all day. I can tell you from experience that it is not so fun being stuffed in a bag like a sausage.

Jet also wore her little Thundershirt, which Jenn said seemed to help her stay settled during the long trip. Too bad I didn't have a Thundershirt on my plane rides.

Jet had one final leg of her journey from the airport in Jenn's car. At least she got to get out of the travel bag. By then, Jenn was ready to sleep for a week and Jet was ready to meet her new family...


byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

how wonderful!!! new people to love you!

Ayla said...

Welcome home Jet! you have joined a very fun family. Congratulations Jenn, Eric, Big Sandy, Bernie and Royal!