Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Social Weekend/Puppies Meeting Children

We had a very busy weekend with lots of guests here to meet and socialize with Jet. Jet had lots of socialization to people with her breeder, and Jenn and Eric want to continue to expose Jet to both children and adults. Puppies need to meet lots of people, especially during the first months of their lives, even though Jet is well on her way in learning to be a social and confident girl. Corey and Suzanne brought their daughter Vivian. She is a very nice little girl that likes to cuddle in dog beds. Jet was happy to share the bed and her toys with Vivian.
Steve, Mimi and Shane came and Jet was quite happy to get a belly rub from Mimi.Jet really liked Mimi and wanted to sit in her lap.
Shane was very gentle and calm with Jet. He knows all about how to be safe around unfamiliar dogs.

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