Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008-Here I come!!

Today I am 15 weeks old! I began my 15th week of life by peeing next to the door this morning. Obviously, Jenn (my guardian) was not aware that I was hinting to go out while she was preoccupied with her oatmeal. She knows that I need to be supervised while I am learning all these housetraining rules. She always needs to be watching for my subtle signals (like standing or sitting next to the door, soft whining, and sniffing the ground near the door). How much more obvious can I get?? It's times like this that I just have to go and anyplace inside is just as good as outside to me. Jenn is a dog trainer after all and is supposed to know all this stuff. She better get on the ball and pay attention.

She is pretty good about putting me in my crate when she can't watch me. This keeps me from making not so good choices (like peeing on the rug or chewing the drapes-we'll talk about that later).

She also cleans everything up right away with a special cleaner for pet stains and doesn't make a big deal if I have a mistake. After all, if she yelled and scolded me, I might become afraid of her.

All in all, this new life with Jenn and Eric (my other guardian) is pretty sweet. I have two new friends, Big Sandy and Bernie that are teaching me all the ins and outs of good puppy play. They let me know when I start to play to rough and help to calm me down if I'm out of line. I also have a fenced yard to give me place to run and protect me.

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