Friday, January 11, 2008

Walk This Way (in balance)

I'm learning to walk with a leash. Jenn fitted me a special green harness called a step-in harness and attached her double ended leash to me in not one but two places. I've seen other dogs on leash, but never attached at two places. Jenn says this is an easier way to teach me to walk without pulling. When I pull forward, she gives me gentle, pulsing signals on my shoulders that encourage me to walk in balance. It's really simple for me to understand and I'm walking great now. I see lots of other dogs walking on leash that just look miserable being choked and yelled at. I wish they could have a chance to learn this way. Jenn says that this is a TTouch technique and that step-in harnesses and double ended leashes are starting to be available everywhere. If you can't find them, check out Jenn's "Recommended Products" page at I've also learned that paying attention to Jenn when she asks is a good thing. She says my name in a happy way, I look at her face, and she rewards me with a treat, a pat on the chest, or using her voice to let me know I'm awesome.


Niamh said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Royal. I have a lot of fun blogging and I'm glad that you are too. It sounds from your blog that you are learning lots of fun things.

Are you going to join the drill team? I know that Bernie and Big Sandy are very good on the team. I hope you join too so that we can meet up.


Royal said...

Thanks Niamh!

Jenn says that I have definite Drill Team potential. She says that I'm a lot like Big Sandy in that I'm outgoing, love attention, and will work for food like nobody's business. I sure hope I can meet you soon. I love other dogs!