Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Pursuit of Higher Education

Last night I started Senior Puppy Kindergarten at the Animal Protection Society. At first I thought, why do I have to go to school? I live with a dog trainer after all. Can't I just be "home schooled"? Jenn said that taking me to other instructor's classes is helpful to her as a trainer. She can concentrate on me and it gives me opportunities to meet many other puppies and their people in a safe environment. The subjects we are going to learn includes "social studies" and we even get "recess".

It was just about the most exciting night I've had so far. There were many other puppies there that had different colored fur, different shaped ears, and different types of tails. We walked into the classroom, sat down, and worked on attention and sits. Jenn kept saying my name and rewarding me for looking at her. That part was easy. Anytime I started to feel a little uncomfortable, Jenn got me thinking about doing sits and giving her attention. Then we had "recess" and got to run around and play which was pretty exciting for everyone. I chased a few pups and got lots of useful personal information about the other puppies from sniffing.

All in all, I think getting a proper education is going to be fun!

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Unknown said...

Hey Royal, thanks for visiting my blog. School was great, huh. You're sure some smart dog. My big step-sister Chigger is from Australia too and she knows everything. Must run in the family. See you Tuesday! --Gerret