Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chewing-My Latest Box Project

Cardboard is an amazing thing. It comes in different shaped boxes and sizes and is perfect for tearing apart. I can sit on it, sit in it, then deconstruct it. Jenn has obviously spent quite a bit of time and money accumulating all sorts of toys for my mental energy. There are Kongs and Nylabones and Busy Buddies and ropes and tugs, etc. But there is just something about this cardboard that continues to hold my interest more than other things.

I do appreciate the variety of things that I can put my teeth on. I'm still learning the difference between my stuff and Jenn and Eric's stuff. I pretty much assume that everything on my level is fair game. So many things in the house taste horrible now and seem to be off limits! Everytime I find something interesting, it gets sprayed with this bitter stuff and then its no good to me at all. Even the drapes which were once so tasty are now unpalatable. At least I still have my cardboard.

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