Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Horsin' Around

This morning was my first experience on a farm! Jenn's friend Shannon invited us out to meet her horse Jack and several other horses and cows. The smells were amazing as I jumped out of the car. Grass, hay, leather, horse patties, and then I saw a horse. The horse was in a huge "crate" inside a barn. I was cautious approaching slowly, since it was incredibly big. Jenn calmly held my leash and said it was all OK, so I felt safe and went up and sniffed the nice horse from a few feet away. Jenn gave me a piece of cheese for being brave. Then we went on a stroll with another horse and his rider Elizabeth walking beside us. Jenn kept me at a safe distance so I didn't get near the horse's feet (which were loud). I got more cheese each time I did something new. The real excitement happened on our walk around the pastures when I saw the cows. Something came over me and I just stared at them and they stared back. I barked one little "Perf" sound and they all moved into a group in the center of the pasture. Like magic! Jenn told Shannon that I have natural herding ability. Whatever that means. Anyway, this morning was fun and gave me tons of confidence about being around farm animals. Jenn said that puppies need to experience all sorts of people, places, and things while we are young so we don't develop fears later in life. I wonder where Jenn will take me next?

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