Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I have found my voice!

I have a voice! It's quite delightful. I've just discovered my bark and it seems to come in quite handy. I started using my bark to make Big Sandy play with me. If I bark enough, she'll play. Quite effective! Now I just need to figure out how to use this technique with Jenn and Eric. It's strange because when I bark at them, they turn their backs and walk away. Hmph! Not effective at all. I heard Jenn say that ignoring my barky demands helps me to learn that it turns attention off. If they yelled at me for barking, then that would let me know that barking works. It seems that the one thing that always gets me attention from them is sitting and being calm. Guess I'll have to do those things a little more often.

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Unknown said...

Hey Royal. My name is Gerret. My people got your web site address from your people. Sounds like we're going to be in Kindergarten together next Tuesday. How cool is that! So save your voice for then. BTW, I gotta blog too! ( You can bark all you want there!